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Frank Wilson is a Registered Psychologist (AHPRA) and professional Market Researcher (QPMR).  Frank has held senior management positions with American Express, St George Bank and AAMI . He has run his own business for eight years and returned to his life's work as Psychologist in 2016. 


With an extensive marketing and corporate career he is recognized as a leader in research management, strategic planning, implementing new customer technologies and applying evidence based approaches to organizational issues.  Frank is certified in Training and Assessment, Psychological Type, Group Psychotherapy and Facilitation and EMDR.


A long standing member of the Australian Market and  Social Research Society and judge of the Research Industry Effectiveness Awards, Frank has strong community interests in performing arts, music and theater.  He lives and works in Manly with partner Tess and spends as much of his available time as possible travelling and exploring the south coast of NSW. He has a deep and enduring interest in Jungian psychology, values based leadership and issues of community justice and equity.


Frank continues to provide strategic qualitative and quantitative research services to selected marketing clients. 


Supporting Frank in Aptitude & Insight's Organizational Performance and Career Development Services is one of Australia’s leading Performance Psychologists, Vicki dePrazer.


With vast knowledge and experience in the field of performance psychology, Vicki has a unique understanding of how to improve the performance of the weekend golfer through to elite racing car drivers, Olympic athletes and cross functional business teams. She has a particular interest in senior management coaching and performance excellence in demanding occupations such as Politics, Medicine and Law.  


Vicki was the first female psychologist appointed to the Australian Institute of Sport and was on the first Olympic Team to have female psychologists. Living in Canberra, Vicki is the only female psychologist to have attended three Olympics, and a Paralympic Games. She currently consults nationally and internationally in performance psychology.  



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