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"Nothing determines who we will become so much as those things we choose to ignore."  Sandor McNabb 

Affordable Market Research Options for Cost Constrained Organizations


Aptitude & Insight understands for many organizations the potential costs involved in using large scale research suppliers often makes the benefits of market research seem beyond their means.  Frankly, it can be prohibitively expensive.


  • However, what many organizations don't know (or just fail to realize) is that 'hidden' in customer lists is often all the data required to explore the needs of new and loyal customers, audiences and stakeholders.  


  • By simply extracting and using these lists as sampling frames you can quickly be on the way to improving service, expanding your markets and growing sales.  All achieved by distilling the insights of your customers.   



  • That's where we come in.  By first focussing on what your existing customers and audiences want improved, Aptitude & Insight’s low cost high quality research designs make genuinely strategic customer research available to small and large organizations alike.  


  • We can either help you design and conduct your research project or manage the whole process for you.  The choice is yours.




     1  Listen and understand your specific issues and determine if and how we can assist.


    2  Help you determine resources you have available to support your research need.


    3  Advise and propose how we can provide added value to the research process. 


    4  Implement projects agreed according to your resources and requirements.


    5  Report and stay involved closely in your follow-up activity. 


We offer a flexible package of affordably costed research options.  These can be specifically designed to the needs of your target customers, audiences and stakeholders.  For example, volunteers, staff and performers. 


Our straight forward consultation process is successful and has been used to: drive strategic planning; build external (e.g. local government) engagement; create winning sponsorship proposals,; generate publicity and create the impetus for change. 


Community and small business work is our passion and helping small organizations flourish is our goal.   


If you feel our Market Research Services can help your organization please give us a no obligation call.  We would appreciate the chance to discuss your needs and how you can benefit from A&I's straight forward market research model.   


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