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"Research is formalized curiosty.  It's poking and prying with a purpose."  Zora Neale Hurston 

The benefits of market research to small (and not so small) organizations


There are many reasons to consider researching your customers and stakeholders.  


Here’s Aptitude & Insights' top five:


  • Market Research helps you understand where are positioned.  It’s always a ‘healthy dose of reality‘ to hear what your customers and stakeholders say about your organization's service and products.



  • Market Research helps you improve and grow.   Even modest research projects can identify what your customers want to see improved and give voice to their ideas about how to grow your sales.  



  • Market Research can identify new ideas and opportunities.  Listening to the needs of your audiences and customers creates ideas, for innovation and product enhancements. 



  • Market Research helps you ‘speak’ in customer language.  Identifying and using customers language is the best way to show you understand their requirements.  A quality product meets those requirements.



  • Market Research allows you to ‘reality check’ that you are delivering the services you think are.  It’s not always the tangible product features that customers want when making their first or repeat purchases.  



If you would like to see our expanded list of Market Research benefits please Click Here.


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