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The benefits of research to small (and not so small) organizations


Here’s our next five:

  • Market research helps you get focused.  It’s a truism that customers are the focus of every business.  Understanding priorities to be improved provides motivation and organizational focus.



  • Market research creates audience and customer centred discussion.  Having a research fact-base helps keep your organization focused on what’s best for the customer.  It puts into context difficult discussions about priorities.



  • Market research drives planning.  When needs and improvements to audience experiences are ‘front and centre ‘ future planning is focused.  Research will help set specific customer centred goals.



  • Market research identifies risks and issues.  By listening to stakeholders and allowing customers to have their say risks, involving change and reputation, can be minimized.



  • Market research helps track your progress.  Well designed market research studies allows you to track and monitor how you are tracking against your goals.



It's also worth reviewing  This site provides another great list of why you should consider using market research.


short article about the benefits of research in the Marketing Profs blog is also a very good quick read.  


An introduction to market research is also provided by the Australian Government Business website and is supported by very good secondary data sources.


If this sounds interesting, but you need more information about how to get an affordable research program off the ground for your organization, please feel free to contact us.  We'll be happy to assist. 

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