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Professional Evidence Based Research Approaches


A&I's market research and strategy services are based upon personal commitment and professional involvement from first contact through to project initiation, field work and presentation of results.


Our team has over 35 years experience in fielding and managing large and smaller scale research projects.  

Research Services

We provide a full range of both on-line and traditional market research techniques.  


We are not a 'one-size-fits-all' operation. Our methods and approaches are determined to meet your specific needs, issues and budget. Our team offers:


  • Quantitative and qualitative survey design


  • Sample design and recommendation


  • Questionnaire construction


  • Data editing, coding and entry


  • Statistical analysis and modelling


  • Report preparation and stakeholder presentation


  • Mapping customer catchments


  • Segmentation analysis - demographic, needs based and attitudinal 

Strategy Services

In our experience, Strategic Planning too often becomes over complicated and caught up in words and semantics rather than meaningful goal setting.  


Our simplified approach to strategic planning avoids this pitfall.  We start and finish with the Customer - their wants and needs.


In addition to a thorough review of the competitive landscape and environment , a strong strategic plan should include a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.


A&I has developed a unique cross impacts approach that highlights and identifies which market opportunities best meet your organization's unique circumstances.  


With wide experience in planning processes across large companies and small community groups, Aptitiude & Insight can participate or take the lead in facilitating strategic planning work shops with your team.  


We are happy as participants and equally happy to moderate and guide. 

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